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November 13, 2007

Posted by ash in about Moody rants.

I can’t believe nobody wants to watch HERO. It’s not just for Kimu Taku, it’s also for the sake of good old times! (i.e. When Jap dramas were still interesting)

Actually to be fair, I can’t believe nobody (people whom I want to watch the movie with) wants to watch HERO with me.

Sigh, I will just go by myself then.



1. Suika - November 13, 2007

Actually… you didn’t ask me. And I did watched Hero’s drama last time. sigh……

2. topo - November 14, 2007

i actually had the chance to watch the premiere last night but i was too slow! dammit.
anyhow he is on the cover of i-weekly. *swoon*

3. ash - November 15, 2007

suika: sorry! I thought you only interested in Korean stuff~ That day we saw the trailers you didn’t say anything mah….plus I put “Who wants to watch HERO?” on MSN but no one msged me except Jill. LOL

topo: topo! wasted! Yes, I know about the i-weekly thing. I was sleeping on the train and when i opened my eyes, he was like staring straight into my face. Some woman was reading the mag and was thrusting the cover into my face. LOL

4. miss chin - November 24, 2007

hello ash!

I watched Hero with my hubby in hk(because that cinema does not show Amazing Grace! eeks!). Didn’t feel it was worth my hard-earned $55HKD but oh well, my hubby claims that he (used to) like the female lead. hee!

Kimu-taku is still really cool and a wonderful actor!

PS: u could’ve asked LJJ! but maybe she was in australia at that time. =P

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