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The day started with October 30, 2007

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

me walking into the elevator and seeing Wee. LOL

Actually to be precise, the day started with me walking to the office lobby while ogling at the cute ang moh guy in front of me and lamenting for the next few minutes over the fact that he doesn’t take the same block elevator. That’s when I stepped grudgingly into my side of the elevator and saw Wee’s surprised face.

“Good morning” we chirped to each other. The atmosphere was very much like taking an elevator filled with zombies to Umbrella Corporation. Wee and I were the only 2 joking human beings talking about London burning. The elevator moved too fast for my liking, I had to say bye before Wee had the chance to hint to me that JB was standing right beside her!

Damn! I should have paid more attention, now I missed a great chance to see the legendary JB in person. But seriously, his prescence was so insignificant that I really didnt even notice his existence. Wee,  next time you should signal! Haha, but it was fun seeing you 🙂



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