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Transport woes October 19, 2007

Posted by ash in about Moody rants.

Was reading wee’s entry about squeezing in a badly ventiliated smelly bus, can totally understand that feeling. To me, that feeling may rank like #6 on my “Sucky feeling” chart. I too have my complaints about taking public transport. Sorry about pro-Japan side showing again, taking public transport in Singapore sucks.

I REALLY think that the government should add a law (since we already have so many ridiculous ones) to ban people from listening to their rayleo (radio) on the MRT. I mean seriously, things like chewing gum and oral sex don’t bother me at all! But if you are taking the train home after a tired day and you hear people blasting music on their radios, that is way more traumatising. Why should I listen to the same music as you do?!

Then there was this uncle on the train yesterday. I was cursing him every minute. “Lose your game lose your game lose your game” Why? Because he was playing some stupid game on his phone with the volume on max. The techno music that accompanied the game was irritating to say the least, it just kept on repeating. Everytime he loses, there would be 2 seconds of silence before the next game starts, that 2 seconds was heaven. Why can’t these people be more considerate? Plug in earphones or if you don’t have any at least put it on silent mode. Imagine hearing that stupid techno music all the way from Raffles Place to Jurong East! Disgusting!

And there are those people who would shout a loud “scusu me” behind you in a bid to alight. You want to alight? Fine. The only thing is that the train is NOT at the station yet! Why are you so anxious? I am alighting too and it’s not like I am the roadblock of the century. When the train stops, I will move and you can move too! Simple physics theory. Sigh, why are people so stupid?

Sometimes you also get people who are anxious to know about everything in the world. ie. They MUST read the newspaper on the train. Companies should hold seminars teaching these staff how to fold their newspapers to the ideal size so that their employees do not become public hazards. I am sick of newspapers hitting my face, the corners poking my ear (and once nearly into my eye) and the elbowing from the commuter beside me while he is trying to figure out how to bloody hold his newspapers properly.

Lastly, I can’t stand invertebrates who lean on the poles. The poles are for people to hold on to, not for you to rest your beautiful back. Everytime I see someone like that I squeeze my fingers in to make my point. Alas, it doesn’t always work. Should you get the heavy weight category, your fingers just get lost among the folds of fats, and your hand will never see daylight again. *shudders*

You know, I hate to feel pissed while commuting, but it’s the existence of all these ridiculous people that makes the commuting experience as unpleasant as it can get. Argh! I can already see myself as the angry commuter starting next Monday morning.



1. almoking - October 19, 2007

Muahaha…..welcome back to Sillypore, where u can find nothing but kaisu, kaisi and inconsiderate ppl on the MRT. Use eye power Stare at them, they also wont budge, reading newspaper aunties is wat i hate most.

2. wee - October 22, 2007

oh i totally hate those pole-leaners! i’d either sqeeze my fingers through and keep one of them esp bent (so as to poke them when they lean back again) or i’d ‘accidentally’ hit them with my huge bag just to make my point. i know i’m being a bitch, but i don’t care.

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