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October 8, 2007

Posted by ash in about Taking random pictures.

Despite all that talk about going out and doing crazy shopping today, I ended up spring-cleaning the room. Spring-cleaning is too nice a word of course, what I was doing was just trying to clear up the mess. 2 months back into SG, my books are still in the cardboard boxes (no bookshelf) and things which I brought back from Japan are either stashed in some corner or thrown into some other suitcases.

Arranging my books led to some amazing discovery. I actually have Jimmy’s picture books and the “Peacock forest” which I received on one of my birthdays. Totally forgot about them LOL. The rest are all Murakami, Y.Banana and Japanese manga / novels. I have a few Murakmi in its original language but haven’t got down to reading them. I really need to read ALL my books instead of just putting them on the bookshelf. And horrors of horrors, I only have 4 Harry Potter books in the series. Need to start buying the rest. My parents are in saving mode so my bookshelf is actually a shoerack which they have no use for. That explains why all my books have to be put horizontally..they can’t fit in.

Then I got down to sorting out my CDs. I surprised myself! It turns out that I am not so cheena afterall LOL. I only have 2 Chinese CDs out of the whole lot. The rest are mostly Japanese, god knows how much I spent on Larc’s CDs…I don’t dare to calculate 😛

Jazz…operas…classical and yes I found the OST for Les Choristes! Totally forgot that I owned it. Then there are mysterious cases such as original CD without case or original case without CD. Argh. I am also quite sure that some of my CDs have been (conveniently) borrowed for months or even years. If you are the guilty party who has the CD, please own up eh! I attached all the pictures for your reference, so please check out your CDs, it may be inside!

1.  OST for Next Stop Wonderland

(This one has been missing for at least 3 years)

2.     Cocco’s Best + B-side

3.  Monkey Girl Odyssey by DCT

4. Edit: I remember now! My Tori Amos CDs!! Who has them?



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