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Getting Emo October 7, 2007

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

It all started with Abby’s sister. She commented to Abby that her photo in facebook looks “very emo and I like it”.  I get an MSN message from Abby saying “I don’t get the emo word, wtf does that mean?” And I, very calmly analysed the situation and concluded that her sister must have used “emo” in that way because she is only in Primary 6 and her English is not nearly there. Peals of (silent) laughter from Abs for 10 minutes and then “Ash, you are out lah, just like me!”

Apparently I am really out. “Emo” is the new thang and it’s IN. WTF does Emo mean? Pardon me, I am still living in the days when Emo still means things like these –> 🙂 😦  When Emo is part of the abbrev エモコン (emocon), used to refer to emoticons…. or when Emo is an abbrev for the music genre エモーショナル・ハードコア (Emotional Hardcore, I am not sure if this is the same term in English) which refers to angsty emotional rock. I have never heard of people using “Emo” as an adjective for appearance, like how Abs’s little sister used it. Today I asked another friend and he said he was laughed at by his young cousins for not knowing what “emo” means too.

I don’t know, no one has ever used “emo” on me.

Can anyone provide a comprehensive explanation of what this new term is supposed to mean? I have heard brief summaries, but it doesn’t make sense.

And yes I know, I am writing this entry at the risk of being labelled prudish, outdated and stupid.



1. fur - October 9, 2007

haha! emo is really an in thing!

my kids use that in school all the time.

but, i wouldn’t say i’m an expert on it. if you will pardon my weak attempt at explaining it, i think it’s to be deliberately depressing or sth along those lines – like they will deliberately all dress in black and have occasional emotional outbursts, threaten to attempt suicide?

hmm.. come to think of it, i dun really know what emo means too!

2. ash - October 9, 2007

Haha! Right? Explain already still don’t know right?
This new term is ridiculous, it’s just some stupid thing kids made up to sound cool. Even Wiki doesn’t have an article on it. LOL
But yes, thanks for explaining it! 🙂

3. Suika - October 9, 2007

Never heard of one describing a female as emo cos I know whats an emo guy. Cos I love guy in emo style hahahahaa!! I like!

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