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Beauty Blythe October 6, 2007

Posted by ash in Bimbotic biz.

That day Jess was showing me some pictures of her colleague’s Blythe. It was SO cute. Sigh, custom blythes still look better. I am itching to buy another one. If I do, I wanna go for custom ones this time. Today I surfed yahoo auctions Japan to find some custom blythes, too many too cute and too expensive. What was I doing there for 2 years? How come I didn’t get one and take her out for super phototaking?! Argh.

The two dolls which caught my eye are:


I totally heart that petulant look on her face. Love the hair too. And it’s really true that matted skin looks better in photos.

I like this one for the customization of the face. She actually has teeth peeping out! And that makes her look very innocently desirable for some reason. Don’t like the hair though, I would go crazy if she was a brunette or blond. But, she is still VERY cute.

Back to realistic talk, the money is one problem. Say if I really get one, so what? We are in boring Singapore for goodness sake. Where do I bring her for photos? Not to mention having to withstand hundreds of eyes staring at me and the danger of being thrown into the IMH.  I could still remember how people stared years ago when I brought the previous Blythe for phototaking near the Merlion.

Bwahhhhh too many things on my shopping list!



1. Cher-ly - October 6, 2007

Heh… couldn’t help but saved the pic of the 1st Blythe to my desktop… so pretty!

2. ash - October 6, 2007

I can give you the bigger resolution if you want. (although it’s not my pic, must say ごめんなさい to the owner)

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