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September 26, 2007

Posted by ash in about Taking random pictures, Bimbotic biz.

Today I woke up to a phonecall from the job agent.

“Actually I am sleeping, so can I look at your email later?”, mumbled me and agent immediately cooed  “Ohhhhhh, sorryyyyyy, please call me later when you finish everything k?” Sigh, am I so predictable? How come she knows sleep is everything to me? I went back to sleep and minutes later jolted awake because I suddenly remembered that I had arranged to meet Asako-san for an early lunch. (read: 11.30 am)

The sun was blazing hot when I stepped out of the flat. I prided myself for bringing my brolly / parasol to shield myself from the heat. What caught me off guard was the sudden downpour minutes after I opened the umbrella. It was crazy, I was soaked wet even under the umbrella! The hem of my jeans were wet, my sleeves were wet my hair was wet…and all these didn’t dry properly even after I reached town. What a way to start the day.

The plan was to have soba at this place in Paragon. The menu for lunch was not bad but the ika kakiage (squid mixed tempura) I ordered was too oily for my liking. Luckily there was the soba to fall back on so it was not that bad. When we asked for the bill, Asako-san surprised me by saying she was giving me a treat. (Jess: Looks like I really A-到 東西 everyday) So nice of her. 

During lunch, I chanced upon Asako-san’s handphone and !!! It was a PINK softbank model! I immediately fired questions at her as to how she managed to get a Japanese phone to work within the local network, it turns out that (this is good news for me) there is a shop in Lucky Plaza which sells the unlocked version of this phone. Double !!!

No need to say anything else, first thing after lunch I dragged Asako-san to Lucky Plaza. Actually she didn’t know which shop it was because she didn’t buy hers from there, it’s just that someone told her that it’s also available in LP. I asked several shops but most of them gave me puzzled looks. At last I found the shop which sells it, unfortunately they only have the silver one and it was priced at 450. I asked if they had the pink one and the guy said he can bring it in for me only that the pink model will cost 520. That’s insane. Just a switch in color and the price is up by 70 dollars?! In any case I didn’t have the $$ so I said I would go again.

We looked at several other shops but to no avail. I was thinking if I should fork out 520 for the phone and Asako-san was teaching me how to bargain in true Osaka style lest I really wanna get the phone LOL. Just as we are about to get out of LP, Asako-san chanced upon the same phone in one shop’s display case. It was the same phone and it was black. I asked for the price.

“420” replied the shop assistant.

“Do you have a pink one?”


“How much?”

“420 loh” the shop assistant replied with irritation.

!!!! Wah…suddenly the reality of sly business tactics sank in.

 420 for the pink one and yet the other shop dared to quote me 520? Tsk.

Good. Now I know. I really lust after the phone! I mean it’s the ONLY japanese model here that can be used as far as I know. It was so cute, I kept drooling at it when Asako-san used it. When you look at an incoming sms, the words appear one by one and punctuation marks will fly around in a cute manner. Ok, I know it may be irritating to some people but I am bimbo you see. Plus, the address book is in japanese so are all the functions! If I get it I have an excuse to input the contact of every Japanese guy I meet LOL.

Fantasizing about owning the phone was tiring so I suggested we go for tea. What better place then the Royal Copenhagen? So off we went! The place was ok, our seat was ok, the tea I ordered was ok, the only thing not ok was the cake 😦 Why did I have to order the chocolate brownie cake? It was just brown, dry and nutty. Didn’t look it though. This will teach you not to judge a cake by its cover. I should have ordered the marble cheesecake!


Anyway, there was no major unlucky happening today so I have to thank my lucky stars for that.  Hope tomorrow will be a good day too 🙂



1. Suika - September 30, 2007

Err… u are not call Miss ‘A’ for nothing lor… sigh I only manage to see your blog till now (Project just ended last Friday night at the presentation).
It was a great success!!

2. ash - September 30, 2007

Congrats jess!
I will read your blog for updates then 🙂

3. Cher-ly - October 6, 2007

I’ve given up on the cakes at the Royal Copenhagen.
The ones I’ve tried always tasted horrible.
Haven’t they received any feedback and improved on them? Tsk.

4. ash - October 6, 2007

Haha you sure sound irritated!
I think so leh…I think the previous time I went there was also no good. Only the mini tarts were nice.

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