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September 24, 2007

Posted by ash in about Friends, about Taking random pictures, Bimbotic biz.

Before all the lovey dovey feelings get taken over by my sleepiness, I must write down several reasons why I heart darling abby.

1. We both eat large portions of food until nothing is left on our plate. (Think chicken skin and raw onions)

2. We both heart salt and vinegar chips.

3. We find ourselves distracted by shiny things all the time, even when we are in a hurry.

4. We do not find it a waste of time to admire one’s latest eyeshadow and lip gloss.

5. We understand exactly why certain men just won’t do for the both of us.

6. (New discovery today) We are not afraid of the pearls in bubble tea and both think it’s dumb to drink bubble tea without the pearls.

So today I met Abby for dinner. We had it at 5 o’clock though.. Coincidentally it was last Monday that we went for high tea too. People who do not know us might think we are two women who do not have to work and are free to enjoy life. (Truth is, one has no work and one got off work early)

Both of us are in financial peril. 100 bucks left for god knows how long. Dinner has to be nice, cheap and filling. Abby led me to Arab street, where we had really good food + side dish + drinks for about just 15 bucks per person. I like spices and exotic food, I just don’t like to bite into the occasional star anise in Nasi Bryani. Today’s dinner was excellent. I cleaned every bit off my plate. We ordered crispy chicken with rice, lamb meatballs in tomato and spice and mint tea.


Frankly, I didn’t think I would like mint tea. I kept on thinking it would taste something like colgate. Well, in the end I thought it was quite nice, rather refreshing. I never knew Abby was so obsessed with peppermint things. First she was drinking mint tea, then she took out her origins lip gloss which was laced with mint flavor, and finally she dabbed some peppermint oil (some origins aroma therapy thingy) on her temples and inhaled the pepperminty smell in satisfaction. Later when we left the place and had bubble tea in Bugis, she ordered peppermint milk pearl tea. I am thinking her body must be really cool after all those crazy intake of peppermint from all possible channels.

In the evening we walked around Bugis village desperately trying to find some good buys. Abby found one, yay! 

Well to backtrack a little, I was in Bugis for an interview this morning. It was one of the most boring interviews I have ever been to. The company employees were all behaving like zombies. Very grey environment indeed. I have decided to toss it. Haha, not as though I am very eligible for other positions…but you know, if u get bad vibes from a company’s environment it’s better not to work there. Sigh, let’s just hope I get better offers soon~ 



1. Abby - September 27, 2007

I heart you too…and heart Arab food as well.

2. ash - September 27, 2007

If we continue hearting each other like that, there will be no men who will want to heart us.

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