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September 23, 2007

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

Seeing that my uneventful life back in Singapore remains uneventful after a month, and that my blog is collecting cyber-dust, I have decided to just write something.

After several interviews and frantically subtitling anime last week, I am relieved to be able to finally take a breather this weekend. My friday was spent rotting at home and watching the last few episodes of 山女・壁女. Only the Japanese people can come up with a drama that revolves(only) around the happenings of a busty woman and a flat woman. It’s completely brainless but like most jap dramas are, very entertaining. In the evening, I awaited the arrival of 7 o’clock just to press the record button. My mother wanted to record the last episode of that Mediacorpse show and could not figure out how to use the timer, so I had to do the guard duty and wait.

Yesterday I met up with Yunisu. (actually Eunice but I just delight in calling her yunisu) We wanted to go try out cash studio karaoke box in Orchard. The building was ridiculously old, smelly and sleazy. When we took the lift down to B2 by mistake, the doors opened to show total darkness and a metal white grill with a lock on it. It was EXACTLY like those old hongkong ghost movies. Screaming, we hurriedly punched the close button and went up. In the end, we found out that the  karaoke box was actually on B3. It’s really creepy how it’s the same elevator and yet B2 and B3 can be so different.

The karaoke place was ok…not much people and first drinks were FOC. The flat screen TV was bigger than Diamond Dust’s and the sound system was also better. It was fun singing old Japanese songs and dancing crazily around. The only thing we didn’t like was that the staff was very calculative about what time we go out. 5 minutes towards the end, she was already lurking outside the room. I kind of freaked out when I first saw her, I thought the ghost from B2 came down to haunt us. Me and Yunisu were quite pissed LOL.

We didn’t plan where to have our dinner and Saturday night in Orchard is no fun with the throngs of people squeezing about. Because we had dinner at the sun moon place earlier on in the week, we felt we shouldn’t spend so much again. Everytime I meet Yunisu we have Japanese food, the ones which burn holes in our wallets. After repeated Q&A of “What do you want to eat?” we decided on Japanese food again. Haha, we can never get enough. Wanting to eat Japanese food and not wanting to spend a lot means that it’s either Nijumaru or Waraku. Since I have declared on boycotting the first, Waraku it was. At Waraku however, they told us we have to wait 30 minutes so we gave up and walked elsewhere. Eventually we ended up at Plaza sing and feeling quite drained and hungry, (walking from Forum to Plaza Sing!) we picked Thai Express with no queue. Everything we ate there was substandard. I was choking on the vast amounts of black pepper in the fried glass noodles, and Yunisu wasn’t pleased with her bland fried noodles. The seafood in her noodles looked like it was scattered on the plate in a hurry. My much awaited dessert of steamed tapioca was also a let-down. It was hard, dry and the coconut milk was only enough for 1/4 of the portion. Not a very satisfying dinner but talking with Yunisu about all the good things in Sendai made up for the bad food.

I must remember to bring a camera the next time. Was quite irritated with myself when I forgot the camera at the sun moon place, I wanted to take a picture of the Matcha Parfait! I heard rave reviews about the Tofu cheesecake, but frankly I am a very 和風 person..and if you let me choose among Japanese desserts, I will jump at the sweet stuff like the red beans, glutinous balls, matcha ice cream and the warabi mochi. Sigh, I really want to eat warabi mochi. The jellied texture and the kinako powder is heaven! I am blabbering again….


↑ I stole somebody’s picture again. *_*

There was a Kyushuu fair at the Isetan Scotts supermarket yesterday. Yunisu and I passed by these 2 Japanese ojisaans who were trying to sell Miso. I asked if we can drink the sample miso soup and he happily gave it to us. We chatted them up and the ojisaans were so happy that he gave us free samples of お茶漬けの素! (this one below)

Muahaha. Yunisu says I am the “Uncle 殺手”. 

(Jess: See! I A 到 samples again! ^_^) But ok lah, I also bought things from them. It’s this super nice 柚子味噌 dressing you use for salads. Wah, can’t wait to pour it all over the broccolis and cucumbers.

After blabbering so much, I realised my weekend is actually quite eventful. LOL. And any day without major problems is a good day, so ganbatte me!



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