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動物の森 (Animal forest) September 23, 2007

Posted by ash in about Taking random pictures, Bimbotic biz.

When I first bought my DS last year, I was hooked onto a brain-training game called もっと脳トレ. It consisted of a series of simple games which you would play everyday to improve your brain activity. But very soon, Kaori introduced me to a new game called 動物の森。I think I mentioned this in an old entry before, it’s a game for kids. All the elementary school kids in Japan know it, and most have it. Being a retarded gamer, I used to ask my elementary school kids for advice on how to catch the right fishes and plant the right flowers.

In the game, you are a character living in a forest full of animals, you start off with a small house and as you work to pay off the mortgage, your house gets bigger and bigger. You try to establish friendships with the animals and when they like you enough, they give you presents or their own photographs. These photographs you display in your house, and they help to up the number of points you score with the Happy Room academy. The academy evaluates your house every Saturday and award you points for your interior design efforts. I am the kind of person who likes to play simple games, even if all these sound very childish to you, I assure you it’s just right for me. I take delight in buying new furniture for my house and redecorating it again and again.

The games runs in real time and the seasonal changes mimick the ones in Japan. It’s autumn now so you can catch fishes like salmon or jellyfish (which are still avail when the weather is warm) The trees are still green but soon they will start browning. In winter it snows just like in real.

I have too much time on my hands right now so I have taken some pictures.

This is the living room. Here, I have tiled the room in grey stone, with matching wallpaper. On top of the fireplace, there are photos of 2 animals, Sumimomo and Ricky. The two have left the village. (yes, the animals come and go. If you play with someone else via 通信, one or two animals from the opposite party’s village may move over to your own) On the left you can see a birthday cake. It’s my birthday cake 🙂 Since the game moves according to real time, I received a cake on the day of my birthday. The cake doesn’t go bad so you can put it there forever.

This room has a Japanese / Asian style. The wallpaper and tile sheet are not always available together, it takes some time to collect the set so I was happy to get this finally. I love the antique table, it’s from the “Asian series”. I also like the red Daruma on the left and the bird cage. This is only half of the room, in the other half there is a hot spring facility. (露天風呂) Oh, I forgot to add that my character is now in a rabbit fur suit. LOL

There is no “fixed room” in the house. So you don’t have a kitchen, toilet or bathroom. If you want, you can make the room into one by designing it accordingly and buying the appropriate equipment. I made this room into a bathroom. The tile sheet is one themed “on the clouds”. I really like the Lava lamps, I bought them specially for this room! Since I can’t have a nice bathroom with a bathtub like this in real life, I am fulfilling all my fantasies here. The washing machine in the background makes a noise like a real washing machine. Well, some people don’t care but I am fascinated. It’s cute!



1. almoking - September 24, 2007

i wish i have a DS too, its a long time since i played with a handheld, haha 😀

2. ash - September 24, 2007

Buy one lah! It’s worth it. If you have DS you won’t mind taking super long MRT rides or queuing. LOL…Many games to play. Can play super mario, mario kart and brain training games~

3. Abby - September 26, 2007

that is like super tempting! I am so impressed by your DS lite! But then, that will mean that I have to carry alot of gadgets when I go out! I need to buy insurance!

But..tsk..now I really want a DS lite 😦

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