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1900 September 18, 2007

Posted by ash in Bimbotic biz.

The hot number for this week seems to be “1900”.

No, it’s not the hot number for 4D, that is something else. If I am not wrong, it’s the last 4 numbers (reversed) on the back of the muscle-man in the mocca ad which is making aunties and uncles happy.

1900 refers to $1,900. The price of the Gucci bag that Jill is aiming for, and the price of the Prada bag which is making Abby hallucinate uncontrollably. Both told me the same thing at the same time on MSN yesterday. I figure that Jill may reach her target sooner, seeing that darling Abby donated some money to DKNY last friday.(Abby, I hope you blogged about the funny incident at the boutique)

I too have my own fantasies about branded bags, but seeing that I do not have $1,900 now(and not very possible in the near future) , I have chucked the expensive fantasies aside and am dreaming instead of a very sweet pink and white wallet . That’s roughly 1/5 of $1,900.

Sigh, but it’s all too unrealistic for me.

I think when I get my part-time pay cheque next week, I am likely to indulge in eyecolors from Testimo (Jess your fault for showing me, heh!) or maybe really get something from Tokyo Lashbar. Of course,I won’t forget Abby’s high tea session (because I heart you for hearting me LOL) and I will probably check out the other Japanese eateries left in town.



1. Suika - September 18, 2007

Eh? My fault? But…but you admit the color are nice right? hahah!! For the price you be paying its worth it for those smokey eyes looks hahahaha!! I’m a good example hahahaaa!!! *pukes*

2. Abby - September 22, 2007

can you plssssss dun indulge in the testimo eye colours and save up for a S$1,900.00 bag also..hahaha

we have to meet soon before I die of a headache, so that I can also get the origins thing from you.

3. ash - September 23, 2007

Sigh, at the rate that I am eating Japanese food, I probably won’t even get to spend on anything!
Let’s meet up soon, please tell me when you are free. You are the busy one ok!

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