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Some quick updates which you are not interested to know September 16, 2007

Posted by ash in Bimbotic biz.

It’s been a week, and a really tiring one. My conclusions for the week are

(1) Chai Chee is damn bloody far.

(2) Telemarketing is a shite part-time job, more so when you have to do it in Japanese.

(3) I can never earn enough money.

I was delighted to receive a text msg from Nami on Thursday, asking me out for a dinner date on Friday. Jill was nice enough to put me up for another night so that I can go for dinner on Friday and not have to carry my whole load of run-away-from-home baggage. So on Friday, I happily went for dinner with Nami to celebrate the end of my telemarketing job and to tuck into really delicious Okinawa cuisine.

We were at Niraikanai and it’s the first time I was there. I love everything about Okinawa, perhaps the only irony being that I haven’t been to Okinawa. There was nothing to complain about the dinner. We ordered chanpuru, rafute, uminchu salad, tacos rice and awamori cocktail. Everything was done to perfection and there is nothing more blissful than having good food! Dessert was sweet potato ice-cream. I wish I had a camera. Will take some pictures during my next visit there.

There were strange happenings that night. Halfway through our conversation, a half-drunk ang moh came up to our table and pointed out to us that we have been talking non-stop for 2 hours. His question was “What is there to talk about?!” Frankly, I wasn’t in the mood to entertain him, especially after his disclaimer of being “humorous”. I replied wryly that I was trying to laugh, and that comment angered the SPG he was with. Oops.

By the end of 3.5 hours at the restaurant, we were ready to pay the bill and go home. That’s when the waitress brought 2 glasses of cocktails to us, courtesy of some gentlemen sitting along the bar. Getting picked up by old, unattractive men isn’t a very pleasant experience, it made me feel cheap. We hurriedly tried to drink up the stuff in the course of listening to their boring banter. Thanks, bye and we were out of there. The whole experience left me rather regretful, if only it was the other 2 young cute guys sitting at the other end, we wld have gladly given our businesscards. (I recall I am jobless)


I am glad for some extra time this coming week. Tomorrow I am going to go down to town and pick up some pants, hand in the time sheet and meet some ex-colleagues for lunch.

Today I called Fur and she said she would teach me how to choose and buy the minature thingy. I want the one with the donuts!



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