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No more Nijumaru for Nijumaru September 8, 2007

Posted by ash in about Moody rants.

The blasted staff at Nijumaru were so rude today I couldn’t take it. No doubt the food is good but having them treat us as though they don’t need us to be there is really infuriating. I mean have you ever been to a restaurant which makes you stand at the door and wait for your seats, with no one attending you for more than 10 minutes? All the time staff are walking past you and saying “Excuse me!” as though you are being a hindrance…then finally one auntie snaps at you saying “Eh, are you paying your bill or waiting for seats or what?”

Hello?! I am waiting for my seats but no one is attending to me!

“How many people?” she asks with irritation, then signals roughly to a nearby seat and says “You can sit here lah, but no one is free to take your orders loh”

That is fucking rude. I swear if it’s Japan, this kind of thing will NEVER happen. NEVER.

So we say ok and we sit down. No one served us any tea. Staff keep walking past us. Finally after some time, one comes along and while wiping the table beside us, say “No one is free to take your order hor”

Excellent. And we still tolerated. We managed to stop one waitress, shouted as fast as we could ” 2 Teriyaki sets please!” and got the reply

“Have to wait 30 minutes. You want? If you want, then I place the order. So how?”

Fine. We will wait we said.

Me and my friends have been patrons of this place since 5 years ago, even before other locals knew about this restaurant, we were already there every Saturday. They may not remember my face, but I am a regular in my own right. I don’t think I deserve the rough treatment today, and it’s not the first time.

There is also a difference in the aunties’ attitude towards Japanese customers. I don’t think they would tell Japanese customers to wait.

What is the meaning of shouting arigatou gozaimashita! during our exit when throughout our stay there you didn’t even bother to show us a teeny weeny bit of service? It’s a pity really, for the service to deteriorate to this level. If they think they can do without customers like us, then I don’t think I need to patronize their restaurant. Do they realise that the name “Nijumaru” means double affirmation (or very very good) in Japanese? I really hope that the staff there can reflect upon their service attitude, if not sooner or later they are going to lose most of their customers I think.



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