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August 30, 2007

Posted by ash in about Moody rants.

My mother is convinced that the person who wrote the script for this 7 pm drama by Mediacorpse is someone who knows me. All because the tom-boyish and unlikely-to-be-wed character shares (almost) the same name as me.

“Why else would the person know your plight?” (ie. being left on the shelf)

“Same name somemore!”

Then there was some news article about a rich Taiwanese guy (whose father owns an airline co.)  who fell in love with a stewardess working in the airline. When the guy’s father objected to the two of them being together, he gave up all his riches just so that he could be with the girl.

My mother’s response?

“Why is he so stupid? Does he think the girl will still want to be with him when he is poor?”

“And the girl is really stupid! To think that she still stuck with him! If it’s me, I would have fled!”

Sigh…so who thinks I am cynical and materialistic?



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