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August 21, 2007

Posted by ash in about Friends, Bimbotic biz.

Today (or yesterday by the time this is posted) was a relatively fine day, apart from the fact that my own eyelash tried to attack me while I cleaned the mascara off my eyes. The damn thing was sticking vertically ON my eyeball! Atrocious! You ever heard of an eyelash trying to blind its owner?

It was a good day because I woke up and found that all my anime were successfully downloaded. Then someone from O— wrote me an email saying they have one episode for me to sub. Yay. Noontime, an ex-colleague called to inform that he was in the area and offered a coffee treat. Wah, free starbucks! Poor ex-colleague. He used to be a teddy bear, now he looks like one without the filling. Must be the stress of living in a stress-pot called Singapore. Anyway, it was good to catch up and get a free ride back home. We should do this more often.

Watched a few episodes of anime and got dressed to meet the bloggies. Dinner was good, dessert was good. weewee’s Japan Hour was hilarious, now we all know the correct way to endorse things. I guess I can say meeting up with the bloggies after one year is a rejuvenating experience, acts as ground control for me too, talking and listening to them puts many things in perspective. The most oommmmmmphhh experience must be the MRT journey back home. Attending yenew’s seminar (co-hosted by topo) on “How to ignore the cold turkeys around you” was very insightful indeed. Coupled with me now reading “The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment” (I didn’t know it was a self-help book), I already feel more positive and am ready to complete my resume within errr…this week. Hopefully.

The only thing left to do now is to persuade myself to put on my running shoes and go for a run. Very difficult, considering that my desire to push wee out of her throne is so much stronger. Guess it’s easier to eat a lot rather than go for a run. (Runners need not agree)

In other news, my friend currently residing in Turkey informed me that she can’t access this blog because Turkey banned wordpress. I was wondering why when I happen to chance upon the article here. You probably won’t need to know why but if you are dead bored or waiting for some other window to load, you might want to pass time.



1. wee - August 22, 2007

it was great seeing you again! 🙂 stay tuned for the Japan Hour.. haha..

2. ash - August 22, 2007

wee: …

3. topo - August 22, 2007

ash: yah think positive!
wee: …

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