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July 23, 2007

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

One of the preparations I made for going home was to download Joost, lest there is nothing to watch on TV. I am worried about broadband, how fast is the fastest back home? I am used to 50 mbps speeds.

How much are they selling the Harry Potter book? I am dying to read it but it’s retailing at 3,700 yen here which is crazy. That’s about 46 SGD. And I did the unforgivable thing of reading the detailed summary online! Argh! Shouldn’t have done that!

All questions LOL. Somebody provide answers, please?



1. topo - July 24, 2007

the broadband speed is crap here.
it’s crazier here, it’s $50 odd. can lend you if you want, i should be done when you are back!

2. wee - July 24, 2007

eh i heard it’s $45 here.. haha.. and $32 if you’re willing to wait. funny right..

3. ash - July 24, 2007

topo: then i will get it from you! yay 🙂 i assume i will hide and home and read books cus I will be scared of all the aggressive singaporeans again.

wee: hahaha don’t get the “willing to wait” part! nvm will get from topo.

4. yenew - July 25, 2007

Prices will fall after some time, or pple will sell it after they finish it. hee!

i oso scared of aggressive singaporeans. we can hang out together! of coz at someone’s place. complete with a nice bottle of riesling. ahhhh nice. =)

5. ash - July 25, 2007

yenew: very nice idea. Let’s do it!

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