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July 7, 2007

Posted by ash in about Memories & Reflections.

I received this pack of yokan from a teacher in my school last week. These jellied little things are pretty to look at but eating only one made me feel sick. Yokan is made of water and red bean paste, just imagine eating an entire blob of red bean paste. *gag* 1 litre of green tea was absolutely necessary. Of course I didn’t eat all 3, opening more than I could eat was for the sake of the picture.

Summer. The feeling of summer is strong in this country. The appearance of yokan indicates the arrival of summer. Summer sweets…summer ice cream flavors…girls (including me) whining about being fat and rushing to get frilly bikinis…1 / minute beer commercials on TV…my laundry finally seeing daylight…everything reminds me that summer is here. 

Recently I have been listening to the old Japanese classics again. Chage and Aska and Southern All Stars. Almost every song by Southern (known affectionately in Japanese as sazan) is a classic but like many people, I think that TSUNAMI is indisputably the best. The lyrics never fails to strike a chord in my heart. My feelings (particularly at this point) which cannot be expressed in my own words have all been expressed in this song….

 夢が終わり 目覚める時    When the dream’s over and I wake up
深い闇に 夜明けが来る     in the darkness, dawn comes

本当は見た目以上              I really am stronger than I seem
打たれ強い 僕がいる
泣き出しそうな 空眺めて 波に漂(タダヨ)うカモメ

Tears welling up, looking at the sea and seagulls hovering above the waves

きっと世は情け Oh,Sweet memory 旅立ちを胸に

It must be the worldly emotions, thoughts rushing up my heart人は涙見せずに 大人(オトナ)になれない

If people don’t cry, they don’t grow

ガラスのような恋だとは I know.. 気付いてる,Hoo..

A love that’s like glass, I know…I realise it. 身も心も愛しい 人しか 見えない

I can only see the person I love with my heart and soul


In the deep recesses of my breaking heart

悲しみに耐えるのは なぜ?

Why is it that I can endure this sadness?



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