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State of panic June 28, 2007

Posted by ash in Uncategorized.

I am in a state of panic. To put it in the words of Engrish.com, state of “clitical condition”.

I realised my so-called packing has not seen progress for at least 2 weeks now. Shit.

What’s the number to call for cancelling Internet? When should I cancel it?

Should I extend my gym membership to the last day before I leave and pretend that I have time to work out?

I haven’t picked up any cardboard boxes from the supermarket yet!

Suddenly everyone wants to “meet you before you go.” Nobody met me when I was here?! Ok I am really unsettled, irritated and frustrated. PANICKING! 

I have many days of leave left but almost no chance to clear them. I still have to go to work, all the more when I am about to leave.

Today I am on leave because I really dread going to work. The vice principal called me up to ask me why I wasn’t in school, and literally hung up on me when he found out that I did file the leave application afterall. What sort of attitude is that? I think they are just unhappy that they are slogging themselves to death while I can take leave anytime I want.

I am unhappy because I keep having to see someone I dislike at certain outings. I get really worked up when somebody sly and manipulative manages to create an impression that she isn’t, fools the rest with her charming personality and then gets away with it. When I try to voice it out to the rest, they think I am *repeat* oversensitive. Or maybe they don’t mind, and I am the one who minds too much. When can I start not minding things?

My mother used to say “It doesn’t pay to be kind.” I was appalled at how cynical she was, but now I know it’s true.



1. Suika - June 29, 2007

Well.. ok for one I believe u ya! *muaks* take care dear!

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