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June 24, 2007

Posted by ash in about Moody rants, about Taking random pictures.

Today was a day of shopping, not for myself but for others.

The time has come for me to start buying farewell presents, write thank-you cards and crack my brain thinking of what is suitable for who. Half of those presents are obligatory but the rest of the presents are for people whom I really want to thank. I spent 4 hours in the same department store, putting things in the shopping basket only to put them back after making 3 rounds. I am up to my “credit limit” and have to seriously consider how much money I can invest in a certain person. Today I bought presents for 3 people. I was tired and my wallet was tired too. I decided to put off the unfinished business to some other day.

Saw a really funny poster which reminds me again of how I like Japan for the silly things they sell. Was tempted to buy it because of the very strong message but well, am still considering…

Walking endlessly was tiring, had to sit down and have some cake. Delicious pudding cake. That’s what the menu said.  Yum.



1. yAnn - June 25, 2007

seen on engrish.com: “happy birthday! may you have many happy comes.” LOL.

forgot to email you, can help me buy some macha powder or tea leaves pls, if it’s not too ex?? i am missing my daily macha fix, can imagine all the toxins building up in my blood stream. pay u when u get back!

2. ash - June 27, 2007

yes. and i will never forget “clitical condition”

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