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June 24, 2007

Posted by ash in about Moody rants.

Recently I have been in a switched-off mode. I can’t start taking in the fact that in about a month’s time I am going to leave this place.

Going to work everyday is tough, I am restless and feeling really unsettled.

Looking at the other ang mohs going about their packing and getting all ready to go home gives me the creeps. Having to field questions about what I will do when I get back, why don’t I want to stay ? , and having to smile off comments like “It’s really a waste yeah?” is tiring.  I KNOW these things but there is only one way I can go and it’s to go home.

I don’t like to run into a particular fellow SG girl because she’s rich, has plans to fly all over the world, has a good degree, will live alone when she gets back, has practically no problems and yet tries to pretend to have problems. What big problem can you possibly have when you live in Bukit Timah and your sister is the vice director of M*A? Maybe your problem is that you won’t know where to shop because “I only shop in boutiques” so Takashimaya is the only place you can go. 

I hope I will NEVER run into her again back home but even as I am typing this I want to laugh because I can already imagine running into her along the walkway which links Takashimaya and Wisma. That’s the cursed place which makes you run into people you dont want to meet. Always. Argh.



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