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The point-form thingy again June 21, 2007

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

Am going to do it in point form. Again.

 1. There are several reactions which I label as dismissive and hate. (a) I see. (b) *shrugs shoulders* (c) Hmm…. Equally annoying is the “might as well not say” Japanese phrase なるほど, which translates to “I see”.

2. My attitude towards dogs and children is the same. I only like the cute ones and diss the uncute ones. Somebody snorted at this once and retorted with “Come on, who doesn’t like cute children?” Yes, everyone likes cute children but not everyone has a low tolerance for uncute children. I have almost zero tolerance for children who aren’t cute, and dogs which are dirty (including ugly poodles) and treat your leg as a sex object.

3. I have almost mastered the art of dealing with comments from older women which are actually sarcastic remarks disguised as praises. For example: (It’s rainy and windy but I am in short sleeves). “Wow! It’s summer already?” or “いいね、夏っぽい格好をして。。”(which roughly translates to “Isn’t it nice to be in summer wear?”)  I would have felt embarassed or angry 2 years back but now I say “Oh! You mean it isn’t summer yet?” or “I can’t imagine how you can wear long sleeves! Tsk tsk” + an exaggerated it’s-unbelievable!- laugh. Emphasis on youth, that’s the most effective form of attack on older women here.

4. I already know who I am not going to contact when I go back.

5. I no longer know how to differentiate between concern and self-righteous comments.

6. Never heard of the phrase “brown-nosing”. Never used it. Dont intend to use it now that I know it. Why is it that I MUST use American phrases? どんだけ~~~?!

7. My replacement is American and I know that jerk will be pleased. Damn.

8. vamos a comer las almejas. That means “Come! Let’s eat the clams!”  Is that right ~y~ and topo? Haha. There’s a programme teaching spanish on TV now, they just said that.

9. vamos + a + verb = “let’s do ~ together!”

10. vamos a tomar cafe. “Let’s drink coffee together!”



1. ~y~ - June 22, 2007

sadly, my spanish is as rusty as a nail.. but yeah it sounds about right…

2. fur - June 22, 2007

haha… extremely random post you have there.

you forgot the phrase “bo jioooooo”

3. ash - June 23, 2007

~y~: I think it is right! I tested it on my friend who speaks Spanish and she said it’s right but my pronunciation was bad.

fur: OMG. I totally forgot about that phrase! Tsk, even looking at it in words is irritating.

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