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Helping to fuel the Jap economy June 16, 2007

Posted by ash in about Taking random pictures, Bimbotic biz.

If you are think that this is going to be an intellectual discussion about the current Japanese economy, go to the top right hand corner of the screen and click at the red button which is marked by an “x”.

If you are still reading this 2nd paragraph, it probably means that you are a personal friend and know that I couldn’t possibly be so intellectual as to discuss about the economy. Ah.

 Today, I spent the entire day fuelling the Japanese economy. In the morning, I was late for lessons and had to take a cab. That’s the second worse thing to being fat because nobody in the right frame of mind would want to pay a starting fare of 650 yen (about S$ 9.50?) just for transport. I couldn’t curse myself enough for oversleeping. 😦

In the afternoon, I had an appointment with C to go to the salon where M works. It’s a nail and massage salon and M said to C to bring some friends so I was casually invited. The invitation was ambiguous because M didn’t say if we had to pay for the services she will render or if we can actually enjoy a discount. That matters because I am so very broke that I really shouldn’t be going for such luxurious treatment but the woman in me was screaming “go go go!” so I succumbed to temptation. The salon was very modern and had a really homely feel to it, I didn’t regret going because the foot massage that I did was very relaxing and made my feet smell so good I wanted to stick them in my face. There, I once again fuelled the economy by contributing 4000 yen (S$ 90). Talk about retail therapy! I have nothing to show but my feet!

After we finished pampering ourselves, C and I dropped by starbucks to have our daily fix of coffee. Her boyfriend was gonna come and I was really excited about meeting him because I heard so much about him. I found him to be really pleasant because for one, he was very comfortable with talking to a total stranger like me, and didn’t seem to think that I was ruining his date. I really admire guys who carry themselves with confidence and ease, it’s a very desirable trait, (much more than looks actually) so I envy C for having found such a good catch.

I wanted to smack myself when I came home, looked into the mirror and discovered that I had played Sergeant. Pepper for hours. Bits of pepper were stuck between my teeth (thanks to the salt and pepper potato chips at SB) but I didn’t realise it. C and boyfriend must have been too polite to tell me. I recalled that I laughed and grinned many times during conversation. Argh, how embarassing that must have been!!!

While most Japanese people are out in izakayas (Japanese snack / wine bars) downing jugs of beers on a Sat night, I too have decided to adopt the ojisan (old man) dinner menu and have grilled meat and beer for dinner. Someone gave me an entire carton of Kirin beer during New Year and I havent drunk a single can yet. Japanese beer frankly is too dry for me and I am by no means a good drinker. But I guess it’s ok to have a mild hangover on a Sunday morning especially when I don’t have the money to go anywhere.

Cheers to a relaxing Saturday night!

*Edit: I am feeling really sick from the beer…just half a can. Feel like puking from the overdose of grilled squid and meat. *gags* I feel terrible. 😦



1. yAnn - June 16, 2007

Courier the carton of Kirin to meeeeee!!! I don’t mind being an Ah Pek!!

2. ash - June 17, 2007

I think it’s enough for you to take a beer bath.

3. fur - June 21, 2007

Hello! Dropped by to say hello, cuz I’ve not heard from you for a long time.

Haha.. I burst out laughing when i saw your heading, cuz I could just imagine your deadpan expression, resigned look while typing it. 😀

but massages, spas are just the best! i’m addicted to them too!!!

take care and hear from you soon!

4. ash - June 21, 2007

hihi furfur! nice to hear from you 🙂
recently i have been indulging in blogging therapy (can’t always do shopping) , so drop by more often ne!

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