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It’s friday and I am still thinking about the croissants June 15, 2007

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

I was going to type “I am sitting here blogging and eating my ham & cheese burrito”, but I ate the whole thing greedily before I can even start to type. I kept thinking “Ok, I am going to type one line after this mouthful” but no, I just wolfed the entire thing in 10 seconds. Yum yum.

It feels liberating to have a weekday off when the whole world’s probably working. Yesterday was my offday too! These 2 offdays are to compensate for working the past weekend. I was talking to ~y~ yesterday and confessed that I ate 2 chocolate croissants in the morning. Her answer was “Why do you need 2? Do you know how croissants are made? There is butter between each layer.” That did it. She frightened me into going to the gym.

At the gym I met Courtney who frightened me even more. Now, Courtney is someone who visits the gym 3 or 4 times per week, runs at 11km/h non-stop for 1 hour and does the machines. Seeing that my own pathetic record was only 35 minutes on the treadmill at a mix of 10km/h and 8km/h (errr…mostly 8km/h) and burning just about 300 calories, I casually asked her how many calories she burns per visit. The answer was an astonishing “about 700 to 750”. *Gasp. And *gasp again! And here I am, burning only 300 calories after eating 1200 calories worth of croissants (shamefully ate another one before going to gym)

I need to choose one of the following: (a) work harder at gym (b) stop eating senselessly or (c) according to my friend Ryan “Why don’t you just die and all your problems will be solved?”

Option C is too extreme because I would rather whine than die. Option A is difficult so that leaves option B. Yes, stop eating senselessly greedy me. Today, I changed croissants to  burritos. Yay! 200 calories less! Bah! whatever.

Anyway, it’s 1.15 pm now and my plan for the rest of the afternoon would be to


Dabble with my DS. I am on a game called “Forest of Animals” in Japanese.  It’s a game aimed at children. Basically you live in a forest and grow trees, pick the fruits, sell them for money and build a bigger house. Then there are animals around whom you talk to and establish friendly relations with. Occasionally you can fish in the sea and try to collect all the species of fishes available. Wah, sounds damn bloody childish. It is, but ya, I am childish and I like it. Of course I have intelligent games too. A quizzer on general knowledge and a game called “The brain trainer” which was very popular a year back. But well, talking animals are more interesting right? And then there’s Mario Kart and Super Mario! enter Mario theme: du du du du du du!


Go for the stone spa. An extravagance since I am precariously broke but it’s actually quite affordable when you are not broke. S$ 30 for 90 minutes. Broke or not broke, going for it.


Rent comics. Read comics, and eat lots of junk food.


Window shopping!

I really need to start writing more intelligent things eh?



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