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Never eat Thai food June 13, 2007

Posted by ash in about Friends.

if you are supposed to be on a diet. Ah,  I have sinned once again.

My dinner today consisted of Thai Fried Chicken rice, and a big cup of chendol-like coconut milk dessert . I try not to notice the amount of coconut milk used in this meal. When the waitress asked me how spicy I wanted the chicken rice to be, yaya-papaya me tried to be smart and ordered the spiciest. Afterall, Japanese people can’t eat spicy food, so how spicy can the spiciest be?! But the chef must be authentic-Thai or something, the chicken rice turned out to be really spicy. The best part was that without tasting it first, I cleverly proceeded to add 3 big spoonfuls of dried chilli (and seeds) into the dish. Whilst the rest were happily tucking into their patthai, I was tearing away and downing huge gulps of ice water while attempting to finish the plate of fried rice. HOT!

Surprisingly, the highlight of today’s dinner was not me fighting the chilli but the very good news that D and J are getting married! What a pleasant surprise! 🙂 D broke the news so suddenly that W thought he was lying. Well, well..really happy for the lucky couple and very honored that I am one of the few people whom they decided to share the news with. When I get a job back home, I am going to save up and go visit them in America. (Hopefully see the baby!) Wonder if it’s gonna be a boy or girl, either one would be cute because D is charismatic and J is so beautiful!

J didnt mind coffee so we went to my favorite cafe. Once I step into this cafe I am bound to commit another sin. It’s the chocolate croissant. It’s the tastiest croissant I have ever eaten. I know it because I hate croissants. But only in this cafe do I eat it. Ahh the heavenly taste of warm chocolate oozing out of the crusty croissant. I devoured one in the cafe but bought 5 for take-out. They had 5 in a box, it was convenient and tempting! I can eat it for breakfast tomorrow! Erm, but 5?

So I shan’t whine about putting on weight today, because my actions say that I totally deserve to put on weight. I shall whine about it tomorrow, stay tuned!

I am sorry I linked it! If it offends you, let me know and I will take it down.

*To the owner of this picture: I am sorry I linked it without permission. If it offends you, let me know and I will take it down immediately.



1. kah seng - June 13, 2007

Don’t you know you aren’t suppose to drink water when your taste buds are on fire? you are not trying to wash poison off your tongue are you? Heh 😉

2. ash - June 14, 2007

Yes I know! You are supposed to drink milk or lime drinks! But there wasn’t any available so I had to resort to the iced water, which by the way tasted like sewage water for unknown reasons. (think it was the ice) 😦

3. kah seng - June 14, 2007

Should have asked for white rice of something lah…heheh, you can try NEXT TIME.

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