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10 blabber points of the day June 12, 2007

Posted by ash in about Moody rants.

I am going to write blabber in point form so if you are sensitive to blabbers, don’t read on.

1. I really cannot take people who insist on using Comic Sans font for everything seriously. Today, the creep sitting opposite me demanded that I change my font to Comic Sans because “Arial is too difficult to read”. HAR?

2. I have fallen in love with Kimu-taku. Topo, are you still in love? If so, we are comrades now. I used to think he was over-confident and over-hyped. But lately I begin to think that he is indeed one of the rare Japanese male celebrities out there with immaculate style and charisma.

3. I am sad that I discovered ganbanyoku 岩盤浴 too late ! 😦 Now I only have 1 month left to enjoy it.

4. It’s only 26 degrees today but the heat is killing me. I ate 2 tubs of ice cream today.

5. My life is just work, eat, play Nintendo DS, watch TV, watch TV while playing Nintendo DS and sleep. (forgot to add “put on weight”)

6. Today I received an email from a long-lost friend who said that she is growing sick of SG. I wanted to laugh when she said “Unlike you, I cannot leave everything behind”. Nobody understands huh?

7. I am left with 40 dollars to tide me until next pay day. Yay.

8. Following point 7, point 8 shall be that I will have cup noodles for dinner tonight.

9. It’s 4.30 pm now.

10. I want to sleep.



1. topo - June 12, 2007

omg, i just re-watched pride and engine last week, haha! and was reminded all over again why i’m so crazy over him.

2. ash - June 12, 2007

yesterday I watched SMAP x SMAP on TV and it showed Kimutaku and Shingo going to Cannes. Kimura was so fashionable my god. I nearly died swooning.

3. Suika - June 14, 2007

Hahahahahhaa!! sorry but the way you put your sorry into point form somehow makes me laugh *dun get it the wrong way hor* I have not really have the time to laugh due to work these days.

4. ash - June 15, 2007

Suika: wah good loh, I am happy to provide entertainment for you 🙂

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