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When kids send you off with a goodbye song & Super Mario June 8, 2007

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On Fridays, I visit an elementary school. I love visits to the elementary school because  the kids are adorable. Although it’s only a once-in-a-week visit, I have been assistant teacher in this school for nearly 2 years now.

In another 2 weeks’ time, I will be saying goodbye to this elementary school forever. Today, I had my last lesson with the 2nd grade kids. The teacher in charge had planned a surprise for me but I didn’t know it. We were in class playing a game called “Fruits Basket”. Each kid has a fruit identity (ie. orange, apple etc) and if I shout “Apple!” , the apple kids must swap seats. The kid left with no seat will do the shouting next. If someone shouts “Fruit Basket!” then everyone must change seats.

The surprise happened when one kid shouted “Fruit Basket!” nearing the end of the lesson. Just when I thought all the kids were running around to change seats, they just started running out of the class. Alarmed, I hurriedly turned to look at the teacher in charge, but she too was moving out of the class swiftly. In the end, I realised that all the grade 2 kids (3 classes in all) were gathered in the common hallway and were ready to sing me a song.  They sung “Goodbye to you…goodbye to you” to the tune of Happy Birthday and while they sang, the kids formed pairs and held up their arms as they would do “London Bridge” and I had to pass through the bridges. I nearly cried because it’s been a long time since I experienced such warmth. Imagine cute little kids grabbing you and shouting “Sayonara! Please take care!!” I didn’t realise that my attachment to these kids was so deep. It’s really sad to say goodbye.

Because the singing attracted the attention of the grade 1 kids, some of them came out of class to find out what happened.  A kid whose name was Shinnousuke, didnt realise that the song was about goodbye and asked me if it was my birthday today. I burst out laughing at his innocence. It’s one of those classic moments.

Another kid Ken ,rushed out and pressed a piece of paper into my hand. I opened it to find a drawing of a man wearing a cap. Ken-chan happily informed me that it was Super Mario that he had drawn. He said to me “先生、大事にしてね!”(Please treasure this!) It was one of the most awwww…so sweet moments that I have ever experienced.

Here it is. Super Mario which Ken-chan drew.

To all in Nijinooka Elementary school, thank you so much!



1. Suika - June 9, 2007

Oh my gosh…that was sooo sweet I’m sure it sure was a touching moments. I miss the kids in my previous speech & drama school too! *sob sob*

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