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Friday June 1, 2007

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

It’s friday finally. Was looking forward to getting off work on time and spending some hours at starbucks, having my cafe mocha and reading (something). Unfortunately there was a last minute staff meeting which was totally irrelevant to me but which I had to attend anyway. 

The meeting lasted for 2 hours and I ended up getting off work at 6 pm.  That was bad, really bad. Not just because I had to forgo my coffee break but also because I was intending to buy my contact lenses but getting off work late = eye clinic closing = can’t get my eyes checked = can’t buy contact lenses without an eyecheck. Bah. And I do take back what I said about not minding the loss of my coffeebreak. I do mind! Recently my starbucks addiction has been getting worse, I MUST have my cafe mocha! Will drink a Grande tomorrow to make up for the lack of coffee today. That will be 400 calories plus the whipped cream.

I skipped the gym for 2 weeks now. 2 weeks ago, I was really bent on losing the extra 7 kilos I gained after I came here. I did serious exercising and watched what I ate, lost 2 kgs, became complacent and suffered a rebound. Shit.

This sunday I have my last zither performance before I say goodbye to the land of the rising sun. A little disappointed that it’s a closed door affair, would have loved to perform on a real stage again in a kimono but this time it’s just gonna be a casual exchange with some other disciples of some other teacher. I have given up all hope of lugging a zither back. First, the price of a zither is not something I can easily afford. Even if I did, the cost of transporting it back home would amount to something like a thousand dollars. The weather back home is also a point for consideration, the humid hot weather may cause the strings to expand and care for the zither is a big deal.

Having said all these though, I do wish I can bring it back. I always wanted to play an instrument and for years envied people who can play the cello or piano. Just when I finally have the chance to be the person playing an instrument, I have to give it up again. But recently, I did some thinking and self-consolation…at least I got to play it for a year and a half and perform in front of an audience. I should be thankful for that.

I am having some money problems, seeing that my last pay check would be less than half the amount I normally receive. Sending things home, cleaning the apartment up and throwing things out, buying farewell gifts for people, sending my baggage to the airport, settling utilities and phonebills, all these things cost money. Plus, I finally managed to book the 3-day trip to Hokkaido in July. 3 day = S$ 1000 just for ticket and hotel. That’s not inclusive of the commuting costs to and from airport etc. I am already broke this month from accumulated debt! I wish worrying like this would cause me to lose weight, if it did I would have lost 10 kgs.  Argh I dont want to think about it!

Short-term goals.

(1) Go to gym

(2) Watch carbohydrate intake

(3) Start cleaning up and thinking about packing

(4) Start thinking how I can squeeze out money (it’s impossible)



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