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It’s the 6th day of the new year and I forgot about my resolutions January 6, 2007

Posted by ash in about Silly talk.

I love long blog entry titles. Cus titles for an entry aren’t necessary in the first place so if I am made to write one, it should be a summary line instead.

So, it’s the 6th day of the New Year and what are my new year resolutions? God, I totally forgot about those, which only goes to show how important they are to me. Never achieve them anyway, though I pretend to try.

Resolutions for year 2007:

1. Plan my holidays for the remaining time I have here.

2. Save more money.

3. Buy the Gucci wallet which I have been wanting for months. Now this contradicts with resolution No.2 but who the fuck cares?! Resolutions don’t get completed anyway, so I guess I will just do either, or neither. AHHHHHH

p.s. As time goes by and I have grown into the materialistic piece of crap which I used to condemn, I do feel that it’s necessary to own a piece of a branded something. Go ahead! Condemn me to inferno!

4. Lose weight. Let’s just say that you and I both know this is never going to happen and I have been doing this “lose weight and look like xxx” resolution for years to no avail.

5. Eat more delicious food while I still have time. This resolution again contradicts with resolution No. 4 but then really, we should set resolutions which is within our ability, so yea I guess this is the one.

6. Take more photos. Yes, this I definitely will do, but if they would only please send snow my way so I can take some snow pictures. It’s only a month more before winter ends and it’s still not snowing yet! Global warming at its best.

7. Buy a domo-kun soft toy before I go home. I think they dont sell it here anymore.

8. Study. Ha, who am I bluffing?



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